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What better time to get work done in the house than when you’re gone. We will open the residence for contractors, cable guys, car detailers, plumbers, audio/visual technicians, etc. and monitor their work at your request.

Cars need exercise, too. Don’t come back to find your battery is dead, oil has turned to sludge and the tires are flat-spotted. We will start the engine and let it run for 5-10 minutes. We can drive it to move the grease around those wheel bearings or take it to the car wash and top off the gas tank. Parking outside on occasion can give your home more of a lived-in look, too.

Our previous career in turfgrass management allows us to offer extensive experience to help you attain and maintain a beautiful landscape. We will bring to your attention any insect or fungus problems as well as ensure that your irrigation system is operating properly. Problems will be noted on the inspection report and we can meet with your maintenance providers at your request. We respect the relationship between you and your landscape service, but we do serve as an independent set of eyes looking out for your interests.

Security alarms can fail to reset from a power outage or left disabled from an attempted break-in. Register us with your security company and we can be first responder in case of trouble. If law enforcement needs a key holder on scene, we’ll be there. We can also meet the security technician on site if repairs are needed.

Nothing can sour a day or days’ travel like coming home to an empty kitchen. Send us a list of groceries and we will deliver them to your kitchen. We can open the property for renters coming in and close it up for the end of season. If you or your guests need transportation to or from the airport, we’ll be happy to make those arrangements.

Mother Nature can rear its ugly head at a moment’s notice. Thunderstorms, wildfire, hurricanes can give cause for concern. At your request, we deploy your hurricane protection systems and store any loose outdoor furniture or lawn items. We can also inspect your home after a weather event to give you, and us, peace of mind that everything is ok.

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